Types of Hacking and tips to protect from them

Types of Hacking and tips to protect from them

Legal hacking or White hat – Hacking done intentionally to check for vulnerabilities in their system.

Black hat – Hacking done to steal others’ confidential information.

Grey hat – Combination of both the above. They make use of legal access to steal unauthorized data.

Blue hat – Delegating authority to a third person to check for bugs in your own system.

Elite – Expert hackers are referred as Elite hackers.

Script kiddie – Amateur hacker who uses others ideas and software for hacking.

Neophyte – Almost new to internet fundamentals.

Hacktivism – Spreading their beliefs in the form of message via the hacked system to others.

Phreaker – Telecomm hacker who tricks plays with the telephone and making you do free ISD calls.

Computer Security Hacker – hacker knowing the tech spec of computer security and networking. Using fragmented packets to attack the firewall or ISP.

Academic Hacker – Academic person doing a research about hacking.

Hobby Hacker – Hacking done as a hobby like jail breaking done on Apple iPhones, modifying software and hardware, etc.

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