How to crack windows admin password

how to crack windows admin password

There are many tricks for ADMIN PASSWORD. And i have also a tricks that is so simple.
you can easily hack a password using SAM file in windows...

What is a SAM file? - SAM file is the file which stores all the user accounts and their password hashes like the Administrator account. SAM file is stored in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config" but it is locked and inaccessable while you are busy using Windows - meaning you can't copy it while your in Windows. You need to boot up with another operating system like NTFSDOS or Linux with NTFS support. When you copied the SAM file you can crack the passwords stored in the SAM file with a program like LC5. With Pwdump6 it is possible to get access to the SAM file while logged into windows. It can also connect to a remote PC and grab the password hashes from the SAM file. Administrator account is needed. Ophcrack live CD uses rainbow tables to crack user account password, and it boots from a CD

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