Facebook Funny Prank:

Facebook Funny Prank: Tease Your Friend By Posting A Link..!!

>>Here, I'm posting a simple prank by which you can tease your friend by posting a link on his/her profile.

>> Just post a status using this link ,on your friend's wall...

>>This link looks like a link of original Facebook profile. But actually this link is not valid. The code is given randomly and whenever some one clicks the link,will be redirected to their own profile.

>>Now you can make a prank by posting status like " Everybody Please report against this stupid profile - http://facebook.com/profile.php?=638383373"

And,Obviously your friends are going to check who's profile is that. They will be very shocked to see their own profile.

Most Probably they will get upset and may ask you why you are doing this.?

>>Why??...Because this link refers to his/her own profile randomaly.....!!

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