Hide a Drive With the help of CMD

In this post i'm going to tell you to how to hide a particular hide drive with 'CMD'
So let's get started.
Follow these simple steps to hide a drive :

Step 1 : Open CMD
hide a drive
Step 2 : Now in CMD, type diskpart and hit enter.

  hide a drive

Step 3 : Now your Drives will be listed there.

hide a drive

Step 4 : Select the drive you want to hide. I'm going to hide my E drive , it's volume no. is 3..
             To select it i'm going to write---- select volume 3
hide a drive

Step 5 : Now type remove letter E and hit enter.
             Drive is removed from explorer !!

hide a drivehide a drive

To reassign letter follow Step 1 to 3.
Then select the volume you want to be appeared in explorer.
After selecting the volume write assign letter E and hit Enter.

hide a drive

The drive will again appear in explorer.

hide a drive

Have FUN !!

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