How to Setup Proxy Websites using their IP Address

How to Setup Proxy Websites using their IP Address

If you wish to visit your blocked website using an interactive proxy website, you do not need any setup. But, if you wish to use proxy websites that can only be accessed using their IP address and port number, you must configure your browser to use them. Follow the instructions given below to setup this type of proxy websites in your browser:-

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer Users
Google Chrome uses the same network settings as Internet Explorer. So, in order to configure Google Chrome to use a proxy server, you have to configure Internet Explorer. You can configure a proxy server in Internet Explorer by following the instructions given below:-

Start Internet Explorer.
Click on Tools, Internet Options.
Click on Connections Tab, select your Network Connection and click on Settings.
Check on Use a Proxy Server for this Connection.
In the Address field, add the IP Address of your Proxy server. In the Port field, enter the Port Number.
Click on OK and OK again.

Mozilla Firefox Users
Mozilla Firefox users can configure their browser to use a proxy by following the instructions given below:-

Start Mozilla Firefox.
Click on Tools, Options.
Click on Advanced Tab.
Click on Network tab.
Click on Settings.
Encircle Manual Proxy Configuration.
Enter the IP Address and Port Number at the appropriate place. In most cases, it will be a HTTP server.

After you have successfully configured your browser to use the proxy server, you will be able to access blocked websites whenever you browse the internet with your browser.

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