Send friend request s on facebook whn you are blocked

send friend request s on facebook whn you are blocked using simple step .

Go to  this LINK.
This link will help you to add people by email address.If you want to add many people then it will good for you if you create contact list of to whom you want to send request.If you do not know how to make contact list then follow given below steps a) Open new text document (.txt) in notepad.
b) Add all the email addresses separated by a comma ( , ).
c) Save that file with the extension .vcf
You have created your conatct file.
Step. 2
Upload this file to Facebook. and you will be able to send friend request.

How to Upload contact file:In order to know how to upload contact file on facebook go to below link.
In above link you will see option of “upload files”  or
“others tools” below on Skype in the mid of page.Clik on it to upload files.

Step. 3
Click “OK”and now you are able to send many request known or unknown people.

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