How to identify Facebook Fake IDs ?

How to identify Facebook Fake IDs ? 

Facebook is one of the largest social network on the web with fake ids almost every where . You cant detect them they can be anywhere in the crowd . After this post you will learn two things

  • How to identify fake accounts 
  • and How to manage them too .

So let us look at the ways you can detect Fake ids

1.Profile picture -First of all look at the profile picture if there is only one picture in the profile be sure its fake  or look at the photos that people have tagged him/her .Profile picture may be of a girl or a boy who is quite famous in the community or most common are of celebrities or just a common message .

2.Recent wall posts- Check out the wall of the user and if there are messages like thanks for adding ,can we be friends, do I know you and these posts are unanswered it is bound o be a fake account . 43% of the fake accounts have never updated there status .

3.Recent Activities - If the recent activities states that the user is just adding friends without joining any groups or liking any pages it is likely to be fake.

4.Friend List - If maximum no of friends are of opposite gender then it can be assumed that id is created for fun purpose or random dating.

5. Birthday - Most of the fake accounts are born on 1/1/xxx or 31/12/xxx as these are easy to type in .

6.Contact No- Some fake girl accounts have contact no in there info .Common girls don't have mobile no updated in there info. It may be added just for fun or disturbing the owner of the number .

7.Check info - If there is no ideal information about a school or a collage then the user might be there for fun. or it can be like just a branch say for example the user might have updated Sunbeam Schools in his info so that he could add friends in bulk from all branches like Sunbeam School has 15 Branches so instead of specifying which branch it could be like mentioned above .

8.Google Search- Google search for terms like fake girl image or what slinga malinga direct yorker  search the image .
9. Name - Well I can write a book on this. See names are picked seeing many factors .Generally the names picked are most common or even same . You should judge seeing your network.

10.Messages- It might be a social engineering attack to know your security question some accounts may pass all tests above but this depends on your intellect .

11.When did they joined- Check if they have lot of friend and they have joined recently it is likely to be fake.

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