Change the start button in Windows XP

Change the start button in Windows XP

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In this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to change the text in your start button to whatever you'd like!


Step 1: Begin

Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage done to your computer system at all. This process is a registry hack, and if you mess up royally and do not back up your system properly, you could ruin your system. That said, this is incredibly simple to do considering I am only a teenager.

Start by backing up your entire computer, if you haven't done so already. (Just in case)

Step 2: Download the program

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to do this mod, you will have to download Resource Hacker, a freeware program that lets us manipulate the Windows registry.

go to and then download the europe version.

Step 3: Use Resource Hacker!

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Now you will open up Resource Hacker. Go to File>Open>explorer.

Step 4: Change the start text.

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Now that you are in explorer, on the left go into

String Table>37, and then click on 1003.
Select "start", or number 578, and change start to whatever you want. It can contain any number, letter, or other operation.

After you are done that, click compile script, and then SAVE AS (not save) as explorer1.exe

Step 5: Time to get dirty

Now this might get a lil confusing, so i'll number the steps.
1. Go into your start menu, and hit run
2. enter regedit and then open.
3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Winlogon, and select winlogon
4. Hold down ctrl+alt+delete, go into processes, select explorer.exe, and then end process. ( now your screen will go blank except for resource hacker, and your ctrl alt delete box)
5. Back to the registry.... scroll down and then double click on shell. Change explorer.exe to explorer1.exe
6. reboot with the ctrl+alt+delete box and you're good to go!

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