Peek Through: Make Any Window Transparent Using A Keyboard Shortcut

make any window transparentIf you’re like most people, you’ve thought to yourself every day: “Why can’t I set windows to be transparent in Windows, so I can look through them…like actual windows?”
What? You’ve never thought of that? Weird. Well, anyways, Peek Through is a program that does one thing: allow you to quickly make any window in Windows transparent. If it’s not apparent why being transparent is useful for you, use your imagination to find a situation where the key is peeking through.
Unnecessary, impromptu rhyming out-of-the-way, there are many reasons you might want to make a window in Windows transparent. Maybe you want your media player to feel less in the way, or want to take notes while reading without completely blocking the source material. Maybe you love your wallpaper so much that you want to stare at it as you browse the web, or maybe you just think transparency is occasionally useful for multi-tasking.
Whatever your reason, Peek Through is a simple Windows app that sits in your system tray and quickly makes any window transparent with the use of a custom keyboard shortcut. Here’s how it works.

Using Peek Through

Peek Through is advertised to work with Windows XP, Vista, and 7; I’ve discovered it also works well in Windows 8′s desktop mode. Transparent windows look great.
make any window transparent
The software itself lives in your system tray once you launch it, waiting for you to use a keyboard shortcut.
make windows transparent
Only when you use that keyboard shortcut, which you can set to be whatever you want, does a given window become transparent. You’ll be able to see whatever is behind a given window – your desktop, other software and even desktop icons.
make windows transparent
Use the same keyboard shortcut again and that program will go back to normal. The program stays out of your way unless you need it, which is nice.
You can configure how transparent windows will become, and whether or not transparent windows can be “clicked through” (that is, whether any window that is transparent is ignored by the mouse or not).
make any window transparent
Set the program to start when Windows does, assuming you plan on using it regularly. There’s not a lot of configuration outside of that: Peek Through is simple, and any further complication probably wouldn’t add a lot of benefit.

Download Peek Through

Ready to give this program a spin? Download Peek Through now As always with free software built by volunteers, consider donating if you like what you’re getting: it will help more software like this exist.
source : MakeUseof

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